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Live a Life of impact

Attend your own burial, and find out what you want people to say about it




When you leave that school, that job, that community, that island, that place, this world – what would be said about you?

If you are at your own burial, what would be said that you did? What do you think you will hear?

You are …
You delivered..
You created
You achieved
You did …

How many smiles did you deliver?

What did you give to the world?

I don’t know your age right now but if you think you have spent enough time on this earth and you can’t convince yourself with your answer so far, then its time to start over. Write those things down anyways (what you want your legacy to be like) and work your ass off to make them a reality.

If you are still young, then take your life seriously. You don’t have to be old before your life starts making an impact, in this universal world, you can be an impact anywhere you want by staying true to your calling – what you are passionate about.

I believe if we all live to leave a good legacy for our generation and the ones coming behind, our world will be a better place. 🌎

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