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What would you do if you were not afraid right now?

Dont be afraid to get things done




Write it (them) ✍down, look at it and start working to get them done. Let’s go the Nike way – Just do it!

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You are not doing anyone any favours if you put your dreams away, your dreams would not magically happen if you leave them in the box, those things your fear will not go away until you confront them.

You’ve got to be ready to live your life on your terms the right way. It’s your time to be the best version of yourself, be happy, do something great, do something useful.

If you already know what to do, why aren’t you doing it? And if you don’t think you know, think deep again – What would you do If you were not afraid right now? That is a pointer to where your next bliss is.

What are you still doing? Get to work and start the planning to get the first thing off that list done – it’s time for you to execute.

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