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Back to back failures can make you doubt yourself

But don’t doubt yourself




🏆Success and Failure are 2️⃣ of a kind, While back-to-back success can motivate you to keep going, back-to-back failures can de-motivate you and make you feel you cannot do it.

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The more we feel we can’t, the more we stop looking for ways to move ahead, and seeing people getting it done makes us feel useless and not capable sometimes.

But there are some principles that are the same for both success and failure. If you are failing at something, you should take a step back and analyze why you are failing at it

– Are you doing the same thing over and over again, that is not working?
– Are you copying people who say they can do it but are failing themselves?
– Is this the right thing for you to do to get to the other side of success?
– Are you actually doing what people who have succeeded in it are doing?
– Are you doing the work or just wishing for the gold medal 🥇?

I believe that anything you give yourself to 120% can be successful if you follow the right process, understand when you are ready, and choose the goals you are capable of achieving.

No matter what, don’t let your failures define you, get your breakthrough and pick your gold medal 🥇after you cross the line.

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