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Love the process & enjoy the results

Stop looking to get a fish, strive to learn the fishing process



Love the Process

It’s tempting to just go for the result but trust me understanding the process is more important. If you were given a fish, you could be scared of losing the fish, or that the fish might die because you don’t know how to get another one. If you know how to catch a fish, then you are confident you can always get another if something happens to the fish.

If you choose the result, some say you are lazy and you will soon get stuck if you are not careful.

If you are happy with the process, then you are a beast. There is no way your future won’t be great because you are a builder. If you know the process, no matter what happens, you can always re-create the result.

When you know the process, your results are not a fluke and you are not scared to face anyone. Plus, no one can look at you and ask how you did it because you did the grind.

The process takes you through the fire, you’ve been burnt so you are not afraid, I mean you have the scar to show for it. Those that gun for the result without the process are always afraid of the process.

Stop chasing the results, chase the process, and become proud of the you that you are creating. Stop looking for the fish, learn the fishing process. 🐠

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