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Accept Yourself

To be beautiful means to be yourself, you don’t need to be accepted by anyone, you need to accept yourself




The Instagram 🌏 world alone can make you doubt yourself, not love yourself enough, you might even want to change you because you see what people keep posting and you are wondering how your own life is not like theirs or why it is like this?

Remember, no one posts their struggles, failures, bad moments, poverty, mental issues on Social media, so what you see might be the only good moment in their 24 hour period, or even in a month. Stop belittling your own progress, trust me you are doing way better than most of those people posting what you see.

You need to accept yourself for who are now and work through that to become who you would like to be.

Accept yourself for your strengths, weaknesses and remember to acknowledge your dreams, they are yours to achieve.

You are beautiful, you don’t need a mirror to know that but if you must go towards a mirror and tell yourself “I am beautiful”. What does that mean? It means you are enough – you don’t need any weird thing to be better, you need you, a drive, a positive habit, and a dream to be great.

Just like Moses, what you need to get to your other side is already with you, find yourself, accept yourself and you would see all the tools for greatness around you.

Where you are now is a step to where you are going, don’t wish the growth, take the next step towards your greatness.

Happy Sunday! 🎶 Tap ❤ if you’re going to love yourself this week.

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