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Friends – Do you have true friends?

Make new friends, they are silver, keep your old true ones, those are gold.




Tag a true friend. 💞 Those who have true friends 👬 understand the saying that “Friends are the siblings God never gave us” because they are family.

Some friends 👯 are closer to us than family, have been more instrumental in our lives, have been a blessing – I mean our true friends and yes, the best successful people in the world have 1 or 2+ true friends.

If you have those cherish them, if you don’t start making new ones.

We can’t give what we do not have so if you expect people to be true friends to you, are you a true friend to somebody? Real friends trust each other and that is the bedrock of any good friendship, not eye-service friendship.

If you have fake friends, do away with them, don’t let them consume too much of you that is expected to brighten up someone else’s life. Dispose of the garbage and get new friends that add value, are trustworthy, understand you and your dreams, and support you. Just as they do that for you, you are completely honest with yourself that you can do that for them too.

Real friends are worth more than gold 💸- cherish them.

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