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Are you a fan of TEAM YOU?

So now let’s talk frankly, if your life was a team you had to support – what would your life as a fan look like?




Are you a fan of Team YOU?

We all love something, someone and nowadays with social media and the Internet even things that are far away from us. And if you love sports, I bet you are a fan of a team out there.

I am a soccer/football fan – a Chelsea fan for that matter. And yes I was happy my team was able to beat the Premier League would be champions Liverpool in the FA Cup last week. But hey I can tell you how many things are wrong with Chelsea at the moment, would we make Top 4, Why does Lampard keep playing some guys, why on earth is Kepa still out, should we be buying more players or … What! What!! What!!!

But let’s talk about you, what entity are you a fan of, a sports club, a company, your alma mata, your community and let’s examine your love, your rituals, your emotions as a true fan. How do you feel when they mess up, How do you feel when they do well, How do you feel when they are the talk of the town. I dare say you have your list of things to change and improve if you come face to face with the President/Owner today.

So now let’s talk frankly, if your life was a team you had to support – what would your life as a fan look like? Would you be a happy fan? Are you worried about relegation all the time, remember a team like Portsmouth who was in the premier league some years back and now in League 1, or are you a team trying to make it back to the big stages – What does your life team look like?

I mean, we could ask how your team is doing right?

1. Is your team making progress?
Are you making progress in your life right now – what does your 2020 plan look like, you don’t like your 9-5, well what are you doing about it? You’ve had one dream for the past 5 years – are you ever going to make it happen? Why are not making progress?

2. Is your team making the right moves, are they using the right coach that would make you win?
Are you surrounded with the right friends? Are you gunning for the right career move, are you doing the right training to advance your career, are you getting yourself some financial intelligence. Do you have the right mentors? Who are your partners in progress?

3. Are they spending the club’s money the right way?
I asked if you are becoming financially literate? Are you buying the right stuff? I sure hope you are not buying what you don’t need to impress people who don’t even see you? Spend your money for people who care about you. Spend your money building a legacy for you unborn generation. Create a legacy so that they don’t get stuck into the 9-5 especially if you hate the one you in now – don’t subject your generation to that sh*t. It’s on you my friend.

4. Are you happy as a fan to go see your team every time?
Looking at the mirror every day, are you happy with the position of your life? Your partner, family, kids, work, career, spiritual, financial, people, community – If you are not happy men, you have a lot of work to do. I urge you not to blame anyone but take responsibility for where are you and set a goal where you want to be.

5. Would you still support your team any day any time or you already like other people’s team – other people’s life.
Are you in a relegation zone in your life? You don’t like to many things about your life and now you fantasize about the good things in other people’s life? The reality would still be reality and until you work it out, It doesn’t happen. I’ve got some good news for you – You can still stay in the premier league but you have a lot of work to do. You can turn your life around by doing right by yourself and if you happen to relegate, Its just a setback, all you have to do is be determined and prove to yourself not to anyone that you are champion and bounce back to the elite life that’s yours.

6. Is your team now stagnant or clueless and you would like to sack the coach and players?
We know teams who sack 3 coaches in a season, are you making too many changes in your life at the moment? Question is do you really know what you want? If you know what you want, It’s easy then, Find people who have done what you want and follow their footstep. It looks hidden sometimes but success do leave clues if you care to study to find them. Determined people with a persistence success mindset mostly get what they want.

The Mirror effect is similar to the fan effect. We want to see that change because we want the guy in the mirror to achieve the potential we know it can reach. That’s a way to look at your life – If you are not a happy fan of TEAM you – now you know you have to make changes to your life.

And If you are a happy fan, some days or all the time. Let me admonish you to remember to celebrate your small wins. Treat yourself when you have a win, work harder when you loose and always make a plan for your next match.

Start now – make that change. Make you happy again by pushing your team in the right direction.

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