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Compete with what you are capable of

Stop comparing yourself with other people



Dont compare

Everyone has gifts & talents that are just theirs to use. You are better of competing with what you are capable of than comparing yourself with other people.

Winners look towards where they are going, loosers look to see if they are still in the race. Focus on what is really ahead of you in the race, at the end, finish because you did all you could to be the best you rather than focusing your energy on what the rest of the people are doing.

Where you want to be in life have people who have been there and have passed through that phase, find these people who have been where you want to be and compete with your own capacity to get there/ to replicate that success.

We have to get better to be better, Raise your standards in every aspect of your life and enhance your abilities.

Will power alone might not be enough, your rituals will last you longer. Push yourself to be the best version of yourself.

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