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Stop hiring your own Ghost

Kill procrastination and get things done




👫People procrastinate so much it feels like they’ve hired a ghost to get things done for them. I call it hiring your own ghost when you wish things to get done and still be credited to you without you actually doing anything. Isn’t it just easy how you can finish all the tasks in your head with the Ghost You and in reality, you have done nothing?

If you put off everything till you’re sure of it, you’ll never get anything done! True that, if you wait till you are 100% sure of something before you do it, I’m afraid you’ll never get anything done.

If every great man or woman you know today had all the answers, they would all not have failure stories before their success moment(s) arrived.

❌Snap Out of it, Dude wake up!

The reality is where the action is, stop dwelling so much in your daydreams, hiring ghosts, and procrastinating on your success. Pickup yourself up, act on your goals now, and start realizing your dreams.

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