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Do you want a break or you want a breakthrough?




That situation will not change because you took a break, it won’t change if you avoid it, some situation follow you even if you run, it can only change when you break through it, finish through it, or grow through it.

When life throws us the goodies – we smile and move on freely until the road bumps show up, sometimes they stay a little or persist for a long time.

While what we do in this period determines how we proceed (win or lose), the question of what you want determines what happens next.

Do you want a Break: are you tired that you want to chill, rest a little? There is nothing wrong with resting a little – to think, strategize but no matter how you rest – the situation is right there in front of you

Do you want a Breakthrough? If you are ready to break through the situation, then you increase your speed, your effort, your drive and get your break through and of course, take a break after you leave it behind before you face the next one.

There is always a win after a breakthrough but with a break – hope is all you got.

Remember it takes effort to bend and to move, why not use your effort to pass through your situation and appear on the other side.

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