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When you are down, Unstuck yourself



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When you are down, don’t just stay there, Unstuck yourself and move.

The real challenge of growth emotionally, physically and mentally comes when you get knocked down – Les Brown

Adversity introduces a man or woman to who they really are. When you are down or facing a challenge, access where you are, access what happened, access the role/choices you made that brought this situation.

And when you discover who you really are, would you keep doing the same thing over and over again that didn’t work or would you get up, make different choices & move forward?➡

Everyone can have faith for a better tomorrow when things are going well, when things get tough, It takes grit, power, determination, purpose and faith in oneself to get up and move on.

See, you can continue to tell the story of what didn’t happen or what happened in the past? Or you can re-write the story by growing into the new you and let the world tell ✍your new story of success.

Stay busy – Execute – help somebody – help yourself
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