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Let your 2019 power your new year (2020)

What do you want to do in 2020? And more importantly, how much will it really take to get you to do what you want to do? Find that cost and make a resolution to pay that price.



It’s the new year, some call it the start of a new decade, to many of us it’s the start of a different thing but in a way one thing continues and refreshes for all of us – TIME.

So, let me start by saying Happy New Year, our dates have the double figures, first for me in my own lifetime 2020. It is an exciting time to be alive, I say that no matter what you are going through.

This new project of mine is probably many years late but it is never too late to start something that gives back and lets you empty yourself to be a better version of oneself and make people see other side of themselves.

My 2020, I will be championing the Elevarsity Project but more about that in my upcoming talks.

For now, I want us to draw for the year 2019. It’s gone in a way but it lives on through us, was it a good year for you? Was it a seemingly bad year for you? Was it a changing year for you? Question is if I ask you to title your 2019, what would you call it? Write is down boldly so you can see it.

I will quickly talk about 3 things this morning that I need you to do so that 2019 can work for your 2020 no matter how the year ended.

I want us to personalize our 2019 and learn from it, take a stock of all that you remembered happen both the good and the bad.

  1. Document your Crucible moments:

I want you to write down your crucible moments for the last decade most importantly for 2019. A crucible moment is, by definition, a transformative experience through which an individual comes to a new or an altered sense of identity. These are times when our character is tested – so remember when 2019 tested you, remember when it cheered you on, remember when it seemed to be against you – write down those moments.

Here are examples of crucible moments:

  • Standing up for someone.
  • Losing a job.
  • Leading a team through a successful project.
  • A new car you’ve always wanted
  • A new house for your family
  • Did you get out of debt?
  • Did you get more into debt?
  • Losing everything and having to accept love and support from others.
  • Facing prejudice.
  • Failing miserably in a new adventure.
  • You launched an idea that failed and you lose time
  • You made a choice that went side ways and now it seemed you are behind you peers
  • Succeeding beyond expectation despite challenge along the way.

Someone could face several or even all of these in a lifetime, over a decade, or even in a year like 2019.

Why are you doing this? It’s how we use these crucible moments that matters. And, a big part of how we use them is how we view them. Do you see these events as though they happen to you, or do they happen for you?

To you – you probably thinking of yourself as a victim and we all do this

For you – IS you realizing that you are on a journey and you just passed a stage/junction on the way and you are learning “FAST”

Let us move to the 2nd thing I was us to take away from 2019 …

  1. Introspection & Reflection:

After you’ve thought about some of the crucible moments in your life, think about what crucible moments you’ve had in the year 2019 year.

Now let’s talked about introspection, which is us really examining those crucibles. Think about the how they happened – the choices or circumstances, examine how long it took, think about the process while you were in those moments, remember the exit of those moments, remember what else came along, remember how you saw yourself.

Let’s think on those for a 1 minute.

If you had enough to think about then you have done well but don’t let it drawn you, learn from it. You are in in the company of great men. Nelson Mandela

Said – “If I had not been in prison, I would not have been able to achieve the most difficult task in my life, and that is changing myself.”

Your 2019 is part of your going through, embrace it and push on into 2020.

If you don’t have enough crucible moments to reflect on in 2019, the I may ask if you put yourself far enough out there to face crucible moments, to test your character, to learn about yourself, to grow?

  • Did you share your ideas?
  • Did you share your creativity?
  • Did you put it all on the line?

If not, it’s time to get started. Afterall it’s a new year and the new you need to win.

Get into the habits of habitual reflections in this new year.

Go through 2020 with daily or weekly reflections, find time to step back always to move forward. I do this every other day in 2019, I am hoping to do this daily in 2020.

Reflect – Plan – Execute (redo that cycle)

  1. Get some honest feedback

Let’s get this straight, A better you come from a honest feedback. I know we hate the truth sometimes especially if it doesn’t sound like what we want. But the truth is if you want people to see you the way you see yourself, the best way to do that is to ask for how they see you because then you can know what you are trying to change or correct the image you taught you are projecting.

The last thing you should do before running into 2020 is to talk to your honest circle of friends, family, co-workers and ask for their honest feedback about you, about what you do, about how you come off, your ideas, about how they think you can be better etc.

I tell you what, you don’t have to change 1 bit of yourself no matter the feedback you receive but at least you know how people around you see you and you can decide on the new you. And don’t hold anyone the wrong way if you don’t like what they say, after all, you asked for the truth so embrace whatever you hear and learn from it.

So, for those of you who know me, this is me asking for your honest feedback of me. I’ll appreciate the truth so thank you in advance.

I’ll leave you with this, the new year is here, soon the buzz will be over and the days and months would run by just like 2019.

What do you want to do in 2020? And more importantly, how much will it really take to get you to do what you want to do? Find that cost and make a resolution to pay that price.

It’s your friend on the success lane – Motivated Mike. Thank you and see you in our next episode.

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