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Wake up and Chase Something (A GOAL)

It is safe to say that Successful people chase something, Everyday people run from something, no wonder successful people achieve results.



Wake Up and Chase Something – The Audio

Everyone has the switch to be a champion, I have found out what triggers it for us is different, also what we allow to push us to achieve our success is different. Many people wait for things to challenge them, others wake up challenging themselves – Which one are you?

I have watched the Lion chasing a gazelle in Africa Safari documentary countless times and all I see as a kid is feeling pity for the gazelle, sometimes I feel the power of the Lion but when I heard Eric Thomas talk about that story and life goals, it hit me differently. He said everyday in the Safari, the Lion wakes up and the gazelle wakes up, both of them know they are going to run, the idea of how they run is what makes the difference.

The gazelle’s wake up to see a Lion and they say “Let’s run, time to survive”. For the gazelles who survive daily, their goal looks like they just have to outrun the Lion every single day. For many of us, we live like the gazelle, we wake up and are constantly trying to get away from something just like the gazelle – pressures from x places, our past, procrastinations, bad behaviors, our struggles, issues surrounding us but we let this things dictate our lives and wake up everyday almost doing the same thing – just running trying to survive.

Now let’s talk about the Lion. The Lion is great and strong but the rule of no work no pay also applies to this great animal. The Lion must hunt to survive also but the Lion wakes up like a champion and moves to win, and to dominate. When the Lions wakes up, it says “It’s time, let’s go for another victory”. The Lion believes it can do it, it believes it is on top and it moves with that Strength so much so that we see it when it chases down its prey.

What am I saying, we all have the same day every day, how we use it is what matters? Everyone still get to work, how we do it is what differs. We all get to wake up and run this year, how are you running? Are you running from or are you running towards?

The race for 2020 has started and we will all run different races. I am asking you to run an intentional race this year. A race that means something, create your yearly goals, break down into monthly goals, weekly and daily goals if possible – wake up everyday like a Lion and chase down your goals.

Remember, If you stop moving/running, you might never reach that goal. Don’t wake up like the gazelle that only gets to run because it is being chased, wake up like a Lion, and chase down your goals/destiny yourself. Remember your why? Why you are doing that which you are doing – Family, Your Children, Yourself, Your Mother, Your Father, Your Legacy, Whatever it is that makes you do what you do, Let it wake you up to chase your goals in this new year 2020.

It is safe to say that Successful people chase something, Everyday people run from something, no wonder successful people achieve results.

Quote of the week – Elevarsity

Don’t live inside 2020 just to survive till 2021, live like you own it, Live like 2020 owes you and have arrived to collect. You wake up every day and collect so you can live 2020 empty and 2021 filled.

I keep talking about your decisions in 2020, decide who you want to be in 2020 – the goal getter or the Fan? At the end of the year, some people chased goals and made it count, others watched as other people chased their goal. Please don’t be a fan, Chase a goal.

Don’t wait to be chased before you move towards your freedom, your greatness, your true self and ultimately your legacy.

It’s your friend on the Success lane – Motivated Mike.

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