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What do you ask yourself? Is it safe or Is it possible?

Stop playing it safe, It is possible only if you try




What do you ask yourself when situations show up? Do you ask if its safe or look for what is safe or do you ask if its possible and find ways to get over the fence?

Is it SAFE? Restricts you, this talks about the fear of doing and you never get things done
Is it Possible? talks about the courage, the believe to act, re-act and getting things done

Stop thinking about what people think about you, they are already thinking it anyway and you can’t change that. Decide on the new possible you and you have a chance to change the story

Stop talking yourself out of your own progress, stop trying it safe all the time, tell yourself its possible and go for it. Give yourself a chance to achieve your dreams.

Stop worrying a lot, the worst that can happen when you try is that nothing happens or that you didn’t fully achieve the result you wanted but believe you me, You are better off trying than not trying.

You can never know if its possible if you do not try and stop being afraid of things not working, especially if they are not working already

So go start that new project, reach out to that person, read that book, apply for that job, quit what you don’t like…bury your fears for once and embrace your possibility.

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