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It’s not yet time to give up

Press on a little longer …



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Sometimes life throws us a curve ball 🏐and a number of us feel like quiting after putting in so much time and effort, I mean I felt like that this past few days. Asking myself what the result of all my hustle and time on something as been but then I remembered to remind myself that giving up is not an option because I still believed it can work.

I remembered the zeal I started with, I remembered changing things to get here, I have been evolving, I am not about to quit now.

A little more push, a little more grind and I will probably land in a junction where my options are better.

This isn’t the time to give up.✅
This is not the time to doubt the process. ✅
This isn’t the time to stop winning. ✅

You’ve come too far to quit now! 💪

Let’s keep pressing, praying and believing!

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