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Don’t make permanent decisions over temporary situations

This situation too shall pass




Let us learn to control ourselves especially when it comes to making hasty decisions.

It is a good habit to decide fast on things, it’s not good though when you sacrifice your long term happiness for a temporary relief. Remember the story of Esau and Jacob?

I don’t know the situation surrounding you right now, but please try not to take a short cut that is obviously going to be a road block to your progress in the near future. Whatever it is that you are going through, it shall also pass. Before this situation, there was one, it passed right so yes even though this one seems very painful or dire, It will also pass.

What do you do when situations like this come by? Be patient, be strong, don’t give in unnecessarily, bargain harder, look for alternatives – there is always another way for him/her that searcheth.

Do everything that is expected of you, Be patient, pray if you know how to and believe the best is going to happen.

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