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When it’s time to change, then change



elevarsity - change

There are times in our lives that the only way forward is to change, and that’s just it, we need to change.

Change can be hard but when it is obvious it is the way forward, why struggle? The fear of what the change brings is what scares some people claiming the devil you know vs the angel you don’t but if the devil you know is killing you why not take a chance on the angel that may come along?

Normally, you don’t have your bath and wear your old cloths everyday

Stop getting a new dream and going to back to your old routine that doesn’t work

You’ve got to do the work to make it work, your life is your responsibility, take it serious

You get new information per time that can change your life but you’ve got to the work. It don’t work if you done work it!

Stop those habits, those routines, leave those friends if you have to. Someone going somewhere focuses on the change that they need.

Stop fighting⠀the change that will take you to your next level, When it’s time, then do it, Change and evolve into the new you ✌

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