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Do you know many people are their own obstacle? Or should I ask if you are in your own way? ➡

If you keep holding on to the you of the past or the little glories you achieved in the past, the new you may never see the light 🔆 of day. You may have to destroy that old you to get to the new you.

Yesterday is gone. You need to die and be reborn into your tomorrow (figuratively).

Think about it,
We sleep and wake, ▶
Night becomes daylight ▶
Yesterday becomes today ▶
Today becomes tomorrow ▶

Even though the cycle continues, it’s not the same, it’s moving into the future with new things.

So Imagine a new you and let the old you stay put so you are able to embrace the new you.

For most people, your dream cannot be accomplished in the present you, you have to evolve into a new you to achieve your dream, so destroy the old you to move up. Destroy those habits that hold you down, those fears that keep you from trying, those insecurities that are within, those attitude that doesn’t represent what you want to be etc.

Be sold out to your cause and do everything to achieve you. SAVE yourself today so your FUTURE self can be liberated.

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