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Get up, It’s time for you to be the Inspiration

Take a break from being inspired




⌛Time’s up my friend, enough of you sitting down and getting inspired, It’s time for you to be on stage.

Many people are already taking in motivation for progress and finishing when they have not even started. They were motivated to start but they never did anything or forgot to act and now they keep digesting motivation for completing the task, a task they never started in the first place.

Don’t despair though, the next best time to act on your dream is now so let’s get started.

Many of us have received so much motivation, we are so loaded already that we are like a pregnant woman who has refused to give birth. I might just add that not getting on stage is you robbing people of the benefits and grace that you carry.

A pregnant woman who is due for delivery shouldn’t say no to delivery, many of us are already pregnant with ideas, goals, solutions that will change the world but we have refused to give birth.🙆‍♂️

What you carry is not for you, It is for the world, It’s time the world meet the wonders you harbour inside your creativity, and your ingenuity.

It is time for you to be an inspiration, get up and get to work.

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