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Whose life are you living, yours or theirs?

Live your life my friend




Have you ever asked yourself whose life you are living? At least since you became old enough to be on your own, whose life are you living? Are you living your life or are you living the life people told you about?

Why are you where you are today? is it because of what society, family, friends told you about or how your heart told you it would be?

Life boxes us as kids because that’s what we know but now that you are ready to take your own life into your own hands. It’s time to break out from the box, It’s time to learn what makes you special and break out. Simply put, It’s time to live by your own rules.

Life is lighted and worth living when you live it around your gifts, talent and passion.

Find what lights you up 💥
What gives your life a meaning 🏆
What your passion is 🔥
Those great goals that shows you the real you. 👨‍⚖️

Find those and spend the rest of your life creating the you you will be proud of.💪

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