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Stop thinking about what other people are doing

Spend that energy on you



Spend energy on you

Your energy is best spent on you, your dreams and the goals ahead of you. 👌

Stop worrying about what people are thinking about you because they are already thinking it. So why not work on yourself and give them something else to think about.

People would always talk when they see you do good, they will also talk when they see you fall. See, when you fall, people are glad its you and not them, when you win, they wish they had won and you failed.

Since you can’t decide what they think, how they think, score yourself using your own marking scheme ✍not the one the people out there set for you. We talked about this yesterday, trust your heart and intuition, they somehow know what you want to become.

Spend your 200% on YOU.
#hustleforyou @elevarsity

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