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If you must fail, Fail with your face looking up

Its okay to fail sometimes, but fail forward



Fail Forward

We don’t win 🥇all the time, and when we fail or fall, we need to get up and move forward as fast as possible.

Staying down after you fail helps no one, looking down and feeling overly sorry for yourself won’t motivate you. What gets you up is looking up 🔼and realizing things are still moving and so should you.

If you can face up, you can get up. As long as your eyes are not taking you away from the goal ahead of you, you can also finish well.

See it – get up – keep moving – believe you can and you will achieve it.

You are never entitled to a good result (most times), you have to work it out. Victory is the result and sometimes, you need to pick yourself up to get it.

Struggle is good. Your hustle/Your grind is a display of your smartness and hard-work towards your goal.

To be a success, you have to do you right and be obsessed. Your greatness can be achieved if you are obsessed with the greater you. 👏

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