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I will do it BUT …

How long will you let the BUTs stop your dreams



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But what????❓ Today’s wake up call is let us stop with the buts and look through the can do it, just do it, will do it attitude.

Every time you talk about your dream and you but it, you kill it. Because you went with the but instead of the what to do. You should know that when you but your goals and dreams, you are technically giving yourself a reason to relax, and probably keep thinking and not acting.

BUT is a dream killer. 😡 as long as you keep doubting yourself, the dream is going to die.
But is not a destination so don’t stay there, it is not a bus stop so don’t dwell there.

Work on the dream after the BUT, go after it and achieve it. Focus on the goal, the dream before the BUT and strive for that victory

Let us go down memory lane and do a flash back, how many things/goals/dreams have been neglected on BUT and the one day wish? How many dreams never got started because you over thought it or put to many buts in the pot?

But I am not that special, But will people buy my product, But I am not beautfiul, But I am not skilled enough, But I know about …, But my parents are not rich, But… But … But… If everyone you know that is successful succumbed to their Buts, you would never have seen how awesome they can be.

I challenge you to leave the BUT today and work through your fears and achieve your dreams.

Let today be that one day that you decide to leave the BUT station and drive ahead. 🏎

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