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You are very special

Believe it, you are special



elevarsity - special

Turn on the selfie camera 🎬 on your phone and tell the person you see – You are special (3x). Do you believe you are special? Better believe because even from typing this, I believed that everyone reading this is special.

But why do we think we are inadequate sometimes, why do we think we are not special, why do we think we want to be like them without really thinking they want to be like us?

Everything in this life has a context and if we pull it down and shuffle, we will always find a place where you are more special than a lot of people. “Special” ⭐means different from the usual, I bet you don’t do everything the same way as everyone around you, what makes there’s special and yours not?

So I say to you, you are special is your own way, special in your own skin, special in your skill, special with your accent, special with the way you look, special with your dreams that you are chasing. You are just Special.👌

Special people create special things, I and the rest of the world await your creation, don’t let us down.

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