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You can achieve greatness if you dare to dream

There is no barrier if you dream and act



Elevarsity - Ngozi Okonjo

Your dream would take you places if its big enough and you are working actively at it. When your dream is bigger than just you, It will put your name in front of the whole world and print your legacy on the minds of people forever.

Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala has achieved many firsts in her life and this is yet another first. Her journey is one of resilience, hard-work, big dreams and a heart for solutions especially where there is a problem.

While the world celebrate this achievement, it gives hope to the girl child, it gives hope to you and you that don’t think your dreams are achievable. She might not have started out 30 years ago to get here, but working on her dreams everyday, every month, every year brought her to this place. Your tomorrow is brighter than you think, I dare you to dream big and work actively at your dream and you will see a wonder called You.

There are still many firsts to be achieved in this world and in your lifetime, and would you believe me If I tell you your name is on one of the first? Believe and keep pushing, you never know …

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